Avran Fine Art represents the very best of Today's Fine Art, as I see it...
Wonderful, diversified, tastefully modern and beautiful Art collection.
That's how real, meaningful Art should be represented...Thank you!

-Hungarian Club Laguna Woods


This gallery is absolutely sublime, with high end & unique collection. The Lazslo art glass collection are stunning!

-Cecilia Lorthoir


Beautiful gallery with wonderfully unique pieces! Definitely a must see in Laguna Beach!

-Nica Sabouni


Avran Art brings together a unique and bold collection of one of a kind contemporary art. With a range of unique pieces and artists, Avran signals itself as a leader in both beauty and professionalism within Laguna Beach.

-Jeffrey Wolfrum


I have this piece [Tom Marosz glass sculpture] sitting in a bay in front of a very large set of windows looking out and down onto a creek and wilderness in the living room.  It is magnificent.  Please tell the artist that everyone that comes into this extraordinary new house we built can't help but comment on this stunning creation which is among many other fine pieces of art in our home.  It is the perfect sculpture in the perfect place. Well done!!

-Dr. Randolph Schader