When Shayna was seven years old, she saw glassblowing for the first time at a local university. We all have an inner pyro, but hers wasn't the same after that.

She began her study of glass as an undergraduate at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, California where she received a BA in philosophy and minors in glass and literature. Accepted to pursue a PhD in philosophy at SUNY Binghamton, she chose instead to study glass and move to Madison, Wisconsin where she completed her MFA degree in May of 2003.

Shorty after that, sje went to work at Pearson Design Studios in Maine, reproducing the famous forged designs by the late Ronald Hayes Pearson. She was still married to glass, but had a love affair with metals. Upon a return to California in 2004, she taught drawing and sculpture at Cal Poly State University full-time, before returning to Madison to teach glassblowing at the UW.

She works in a variety of mediums including ceramic, stone, metal, photography and fabric, though glass remains her profession's material. She prefers to use glass not for its mimetic qualities to capture the look of other materials, but for it's ability to express flow, freeze a moment in time, and manipulate optics.

Growing up on the Central Coast of California connected her to the sea, which has been the greatest influence on her work. Four years ago, she became a diver and underwater photographer, developing a passion for deep water diving and night diving. The ocean has always been a source of inspiration and mystery to her, and it is a lifelong goal of hers to dive all of the earth's seas.