Starting at an early age, Ruffini always had a passion for art. As a child, he was interested in sketching. Talent in sketching took recognition by his teachers and won many awards in art competitions. By age 6, his teachers referred him to the Italian monastery. Taught by the monks mixing colors, working with clay and developing his drawing and painting techniques.

Ruffini traveled throughout Italy and grew to admire the old Italian masters and its culture. Getting inspired by many of their techniques and style had broadened his artistic mind to arrive in mastering his works.

Ruffini’s travel continued through Greece and the beautiful Greek Islands. Ambition took him on a journey exploring the landscapes; influenced by the colors, culture and art of the native people. From Greece, he traveled to France, Spain, England, Belgium, Holland, Germany and Switzerland working with artists, studying in many schools and visiting many museums. Eventually he returned to Italy; acquired a tremendous wealth of knowledge and appreciation of all cultures around him. Studies of different people and landscapes made the Artist more determined to achieve and create his own technique and style.

Ruffini’s rhythm of travel goes further; through 48 states in the United States. A beginning for the Artist in another cultural chapter of experience and knowledge of the American Art world.

Despite his unique and contemporary modern style of works, Ruffini looks to Art History and his travels for inspiration. Developed his own language of creation in different mediums; a narrative through different rhythms of color, texture, technique and style. Vibrant richness of expressionism, bold dynamism and pulsating energy of abstraction gives to the Artist a great field of action in celebrating the vibrant energy of life. His works present various aspects of our world in ways that will gift the audience with a new appreciation for the wonder that surrounds us.

A talented artist as Ruffini, furthered his career with creativity. Ruffini currently lives and works in Palm Springs, CA.