Michael Hall's artwork conveys a distinctive interpretation of life which is fresh and inspiring. With his exclusive use of rich, vivid colors, thick texture and dimensionality, Michael speaks a universal language to which everyone can respond. From a very young age, Michael has had an intrinsic response and relation to the arts. He was a singer and a pianist and later became a classical dancer performing with major ballet companies across the United States. In his mid twenties, painting became his ultimate passion and soon translated into a professional career. One can see the early influence of music in his “Cosmic Melodies series”; the style for which, along with others, he has received significant, international recognition. There is not only a mood and rhythm to each piece, but an eminent sense of how Michael’s mind orchestrates the brilliant, passionate colors he brings to each canvas.

As Michael explores the world of nature in his series of Modern Impressionism, we visit the beautiful and erratic forces our planet so freely exhibits. We begin in the Wildflower series by crawling and roaming through the mountains and fields in California where Michael grew up. As we head for the ocean in his Wonders of the Sea series, snorkeling in the waters off Hawaii and Mexico motivated the dense jungle of life he has created beneath the waves. Docking into the harbors of New York and Los Angeles, we find ourselves in The Magnificent Night In The City; a series where the night sky illuminates the romance and culture of city life; whose energy is a pulse at the heart of such a majestic creation. Journeying out beyond the suburbs to the Landscape series, the crystalline air of the countryside becomes almost visible in his detailed visions of our natural world, and the earth’s passion is vivid in his series, The Wonders of Nature.

Nature is a masterful creator of existence, and Michael Hall has found a way to provide us with an insight to such a complex creation. Within his series of Abstract Expressionism, his Zen Pathways and Pathways series are his outlets to portraying a result of the natural maturing process that takes place within all life. These series, with their striking colorations, have an inherent serenity and age-old symbolism that soothes the soul. The Gaia series dives deeper; it delves inside this soul and examines the subconscious: our dreams, our beliefs, and the mysterious. The intensity of such mystery is painted with great precision in his subsequent Nova series.

Michael’s paintings are currently sold to private collections throughout the world as well as in galleries such as the Wyland GalleriesGallery MichelangeloOh My Goddard GalleriesStudio 22Village GalleriesArt One Galleries and The Tate Modern. He has participated in numerous one-man shows, as well as world renowned exhibitions such as Art Expo New YorkLos Angeles and Art 21 Las Vegas. Michael has been published by Hallmark, B.V Sunshine, and Poems Art Publishing and was selected as one of the official Olympic artists for the 2006 winter games. His credentials also include a degree in Fine Arts from San Jose State University.

The company Michael Hall Fine Art, established in 1981, contributes to numerous charitable causes from Make a Wish FoundationAmerican Society of Young MusiciansThe Grammies Musicare’s Foundation and numerous other worthy causes from hospitals and churches, to children’s education. Michael’s paintings hang prominently in collections worldwide, including those of Dolly Parton, Mel Gibson, Former President Bill Clinton and songwriter Diane Warren, as well as producers of hit TV shows such as American Idol, Nip-Tuck and Divorce Court.

Michael’s wish, not just as an artist, but as a person, is only to give back in an attempt to match what he has been given. This desire will be satisfied by both his love for what he does and the unique, imaginative styles he has conceived through his life as an artist.