• "Pixelated World" Solo Show with Nina K

    "Pixelated World" Solo Show with Nina K

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    Avran Fine Art is pleased to present a solo exhibition featuring critically acclaimed artist, Nina K, on Saturday, September 10th from 6-9 PM.

    Highly acclaimed Southern California based Abstract Expressionist painter, Nina K, is currently enjoying a growing popularity with collectors that started locally in the Southwest region of the country and has expanded across the country and abroad.

    Nina K’s work has been described as “explosive”. A burst of passion sweeps over the expanse of canvas with a sense of color magnetism. Her developed technique of thick layers of oil color is applied until her vision is achieved in rich textures and dimensions. “Color, combined with my love of design and texture, is what has always inspired me to paint,” she says. “My inspiration is derived from a kaleidoscope of colors found in nature, vivid blue skies, turquoise oceans, and majestic orange sunsets enlighten my expression.”

    ***Artist will be with us on the evening of September 10th to talk more about her artistic process and the inspirations behind her work.