"In Baird’s distinct manner, his drip-technique-portraits shift back and forth between highly energized, gestural abstraction to ‘solid’ depictions of his human subjects.

Baird’s large, colorful portraits also comprise a subtle use of light and dark values, underscoring their “chaotic” palette. Because his images are defined by value, Andrew Baird is liberated from total gestural abstraction, to proceed with his intriguing ‘portrait drips:’ value-and-color combinations that tease his imagery/technique to intriguingly appear and disappear, actively engaging the viewer.

Says Baird: “Each time I visit the painting, I drip paint either to lose the image or strengthen it. I build layers of color until I see in the painting that perfect quality that I'm looking for. The process is intriguing to me, especially when each painting takes on a life of its own, and the end result surprises and fascinates me."